API Mali - Agence pour la Promotion des Investissements au Mali

API Mali - Agence pour la Promotion des Investissements au Mali

API Mali - Agence pour la Promotion des Investissements au Mali

The Malian Investment Promotion Agency contributes to the development of the private sector in Mali by promoting opportunities and facilitating investments.
(Updated on 03/02/2023)

In short

Public development organization
Target audience
Supports projects in steps
Diaspora priority
Target country
Activity sectors
Agriculture and agri-food
Commerce and handicrafts
Finance and assurance
Green tech/ Environmental and urban services
Human services, health
Business services, engineering, consulting
Transport, logistics
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Public institution


The main missions of the Investment Promotion Agency of Mali (API Mali), a public administrative institution (EPA), are to encourage the development of private investment and joint-venture partnerships in order to contribute to an improved business climate, to promote investment opportunities in Mali to national and international investors for an inclusive and sustainable growth, and to provide support, particularly in the administrative procedures for investment and business creation, with rigour, transparency and professionalism.  

API Mali was created in 2005 and became operational in 2008, under the supervision of the department in charge of investment promotion in Mali. As part of its mission to develop investment opportunities, the agency offers specific services to businesses and investors interested in the local business ecosystem:

  • Advice on investment opportunities;
  • Facilitation of administrative procedures;
  • Hosting and support for entrepreneurs and investors in their investment projects;
  • Assistance with rigour, transparency and professionalism.  

Within the framework of the services offered by API Mali, which facilitate the implementation of investment projects, the agency pays particular attention to advice and assistance to investors, the declaration and registration of employees with the National Institute of Social Security (INPS), as well as the declaration of business establishment with the National Agency for Employment (ANPE) in Mali.  

In addition, API Mali encourages and supports women's entrepreneurship in all its actions to assist entrepreneurs.  API Mali's vision is, more broadly, to promote Mali to investors and encourage and support investment in the country, to improve the Malian business environment, and to develop investor-friendly policies.


Business registration
Business Development Assistance
Strategy consulting
Providing information
Maturity level of the business plan.

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  • Attraction des investissements et appui à la création d’entreprises

    Target countriesMali
    Target audienceWomen entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Angels, Wanna-be entrepreneurs
    Project phasesIncubation, Acceleration, Growth
    Proposed servicesPreparation for fundraising, Financing strategy, Strategy consulting, Legal, administrative and HR consulting, Business registration, ...
    Activity sectorsAgriculture and agri-food, Commerce and handicrafts, Education, Finance and assurance, Green tech/ Environmental and urban services, ...
    Diaspora priority level value